Close Enough Photographers Manifest (English version)

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Close Enough Photographers Manifest (English version)

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Photography for us is an expressive way, a way of thinking, a way of life.
It’s a primary need, just as breathing or eating.
This place is for people like this.

Close Enough Photographers Forum is not an exhibition window or a free-time club: it’s a workshop.

It is intended as a place for the promotion and the development of photographic culture, setting back the image itself at the centre of the interest by leaving in the background fetishes and technicalities which - even being inherent elements of photography -, are already broadly discussed in other several forums.

CEP Forum would like to be a place for sharing and comparing among photographers, both amateurs and professionals, already owning their personal visual language and looking for new motivations to broaden their expressive potential.

This is not a a suitable place for beginners looking for basic advices; nor where to buy or sell photographic gear or planning cheer photographic meetings and thematic contests.

The purpose is to celebrate photography in its full visionary and imaginative power, beyond any mere aesthetic appeasement.

We are not looking for stunning photos, which the web is already full of. We are mainly interested in emotional journeys, languages, visions. Photography seen from a close perspective by those who practice and live it every day; without gears whims, anxieties of perfectionism or pointless vanity.

A place for authors owning their personal stylistic identity, where the rigorous and straightforward photographic criticism is favoured as long as it’s expressed with due respect.

Author is literally “who makes something grow up”: our will is to create a group of photographers to grow up together, with respect for all individual peculiarities, cultures and skills.

Any photographic technique, genre and format is welcome, as well as any proposal regarding projects, books or articles, photographers and events.

This place is not moderated, meaning that messages are not subject to prior approval before being published, and it promotes the full freedom of expression.

Anyway, respecting the law and, - even more importantly- the human being as the subject of a picture or as a member of the forum, is strictly enforced.

Any photographer from all over the world is welcome.

The admission is for free but it’s subject to the approval of the forum founders (see “Rules”).

Any language is allowed, according to the posting member preferences and needs. Notwithstanding that the main language will always be and remain the photography.

Welcome to Close Enough Photographers!